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Covid-19 Response - Update

To consider key activities and pressures for health and social care as the result of Covid including; the latest data on infections and deaths, discharges from hospital, long covid clinics, and the vaccination programme. To assist in this item reference should be made to the following documents attached;


The Director of Public Health delivered a presentation which provided an update on the latest local data on infections and deaths, the launch of community lateral-flow testing, and the Government’s road map for easing lockdown restrictions.


Questions were raised regarding the spike in cases seen during December 2020 - January 2021, and whether data analysts were able to identify any specific group or activity that led to the disproportionate rise in infections on the Island. The Director of Public Health advised that it had been indicated that the increase had been connected to the variant first found in Kent which was believed to be 70% more transmittable, in addition to weaker social distancing, Christmas bubbles and less community immunity.


Questions were raised regarding the support available to the hospitality sector to prevent a rise in cases during Summer 2021. The Chief Executive advised on the steps being taken by the Covid Support Officers who were contacting businesses and offering practical advice. It was confirmed that the Council were working closely with Visit Isle of Wight to promote the Island in a covid-secure way.


Discussion took place regarding the delivery of the vaccination programme and questions were raised regarding vaccine uptake, the delivery of the second dose, and whether people were showing a preference for community venues over GP surgeries. The Managing Director of the IW CCG advised that the community were wholeheartedly stepping up to receive the vaccine and it was confirmed that there was an intention to make contact and offer another opportunity for those very few people who had initially declined to receive the vaccine.


The Managing Director of the IW CCG provided a presentation which provided information in relation to staff sickness and absences, hospital discharges and patient flow, future proofing and mutual aid, and further information regarding long-covid and the delivery of the vaccination programme. An item on the pilot scheme in the South Wight Hub on locality working and its possible roll out to all other areas on the Island could be included in the future workplan


Questions were raised regarding GP referrals and whether they had been below average, particularly for respiratory specialists. It was advised that GP referrals were being managed in the normal way and GP services had returned to pre-covid levels.


The Deputy Chief Executive and the Deputy Chief Operating Officer of the IW NHS Trust delivered a presentation which provided the Committee with an update on key areas, including; hospital discharges and patient flow, GP referrals, staff sickness and absences, mutual aid to support the covid-19 response, the actions being taken to support the future of Trust services, and an update on mental health and learning disability services. It was suggested that an item on Investing in the Future be included in the workplan so that the utilisation of £48m grant available could be outlined.


Discussion took place regarding hospital discharges and questions were raised around the continuation of the Integrated Discharge Team. It was advised that the team were currently funded through temporary Government funding which was due to end on 31 March 2021. It was the intention of the local authority, the IW CCG and the IW NHS Trust to work together to maintain this provision through local funding.


Members acknowledged the planned initiatives to address recruitment challenges and sought reassurance that there was confidence that this would yield the necessary success. The Deputy Chief Executive of the IW NHS Trust confirmed that there had been a great local community response and the partnerships enable attraction from an even greater number and calibre of professionals.




THAT the updates be noted.


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