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To confirm as a true record the Minutes of the meeting held on 29 June 2020.




The Minutes of the meeting held on 29 June 2020 were approved as a true record.


Declarations of Interest

To invite Members to declare any interest they might have in the matters on the agenda.


No Declarations of Interest were made.


Solent Future Transport Zone - Proposed Governance Arrangements pdf icon PDF 674 KB

To receive a report on the Solent Future Transport Zone proposed governance arrangements.


Conrad Haigh, Solent Transport Manager, presented the report and gave an overview of the proposed governance arrangements for delivering the Solent Future Transport Zone (FTZ). The FTZ steering group would have the same members as the Joint Committee but with some additional members. It was noted that the FTZ programme manager interim had changed to Keith Melville. The project board would meet in the same way as the steering group after each Joint Committee meeting. There would be a user stakeholder group to ensure that feedback was received from representatives of bodies involved in the delivery of projects and to ensure that user groups were properly represented.


A question was asked regarding recruitment of people coming into the structure. Clarification was given that budget had been provided for seven interim staff at same cost of using the consultancy framework. This has helped accelerate the programme significantly.


Consideration would be given to whether any other parties needed to be included.




To agree in principle the recommendations to adopt the governance arrangements in the report. Solent Transport authorities would come back to the new Solent FTZ steering group and/or Joint Committee if any changes were subsequently proposed.


The terms of reference for each Committee and Board would be reviewed.



Solent Local Rail Connectivity Study (CMSP) pdf icon PDF 419 KB

To receive a report on the Solent Local Rail Connectivity Study.

Additional documents:


The case for a new rail connectivity strategy for the Solent area had been in the business plan for the past year, as there was currently no formalised strategy for how to develop the rail network in the Solent.

Joint working with Network Rail and other stakeholders had taken place in the production of the strategy.

Richard Pemberton showed a presentation showing the overall aim of the strategy. The study was based around six strategic questions looking at what needed to be done and could be done. More detail was provided around each of the strategic questions.

The impact of the COVID pandemic was discussed and it was not believed that any of the recommendations in the report had been superseded but there may ned to be some amendments with regard to timescales.

Following a query raised by Cllr Leggett clarification was provided that the DfT had been involved in the working group and had endorsed the study. Network Rail were proposing that the schemes were taken to the next stage after more detail regarding design and cost was carried out.

The Chairman requested that the issues with the Isle of Wight ferries as part of the link to the Island’s railway be taken up with the DfT at the appropriate time.

For recommendations 1 and 2, for procedural reasons Cllr Humby requested that these be amended to:

1)    That the Joint Committee NOTE AND AGREE THE FINDINGS of the Solent Local Rail Connectivity Study, and the emerging strategic advice within, as a major component of the Solent Transport’s developing long-term strategy for the area.  This includes infrastructure improvements at the following locations to enable train frequency uplifts, which will enable up to a 20% improvement in overall journey times through improvements at:

Fareham station

Totton area

Portsmouth City Centre

Between Eastleigh, Botley and Fareham

Eastleigh area


2)    That the Member Authorities represented on the Joint Committee consider and take steps to NOTE AND AGREE THE FINDINGS of the study within their authorities.


No changes to recommendations 3 and 4 were requested.


Recommendations 1 to 4 were agreed by the committee, with the proposed changes to recommendations 1 and 2.



TFSE Engagement Update

To receive an update on the TFSE Engagement.


Rupert Clubb presented an overview of the vision of the TfSE, the area covered by the South East and the publication of a 30-year transport strategy, detailing a sustainable route to growth, including carbon reduction, the impact of COVID 19 on transport use, setting the future direction. A bid had been submitted to the treasury and DfT setting out the next 3 years the level of funding needed to deliver. An outline of governance arrangements was given which was noted by the Committee.


The strategy was in alignment with other Authorities’ transport plans, which was welcomed by members.


In response to queries raised by members, clarification was provided that the timing of the five area studies was dependant on future funding. A grant had already been received from the DfT of £1.225 m which had enabled work to commence for three of the area studies. The other two would depend on future funding for which early indication would be helpful. A further update would be provided to the next Board meeting. The decarbonisation plan would be significant and some positive signals were already coming from government in this area. It was rumoured that the new petrol/diesel target was to be brought forward to 2030, which would be a challenge for local authorities.


The importance of working in partnership and speaking with one voice was emphasised, as it would give confidence for investment.




The Committee welcomed and noted the report.


Solent LEP - Solent 2050 and Economic Recovery Plan

To receive a presentation on the Solent Local Enterprise Partnership Solent 2050 and Economic Recovery Plan.


Stuart Baker from Solent LEP gave a brief overview of the Solent 2050 strategy, its strategic priorities, the impact of COVID on coastal areas, and work which had been done to help businesses to survive during this period. Elements of the Economic Recovery Plan and work being done in various areas (five point plan) were highlighted. Joint work had been done with the DfT to inform their submission to the Treasury on the Comprehensive Spending Review in the maritime area.


The Government’s Getting Building Fund has received submissions at short notice for exceptional capital projects able to be delivered in 18 months. 65 applications had been received totalling £900 million. Solent projects have secured £15.9 million for 6 projects. An outline for these was given.


The slide presentation would be circulated to members.


Following queries raised by members clarification was given that the Economic Recovery Strategy fitted in with the Transport Investment Plan 2016 which had fed into the evidence to inform the strategy. LAs were represented by their Leaders – important to work closely with them and with partner LEPs.




The Committee noted the report.



A discussion regarding Brexit lead by P Turton.


Due to the presenter having difficulty accessing the meeting the item would either be brought to the next meeting or she would be requested to send round a written report. Cllr Stagg would ask her.