Agenda and draft minutes

Venue: Conference Room 5, County Hall, Newport, Isle of Wight

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Minutes pdf icon PDF 220 KB

To confirm as true record the Minutes of the meeting held on 14 March 2022.




THAT the minutes of the meeting held on 14 March 2022 be approved.



Declarations of Interest

To invite Members to declare any interest they might have in the matters on the agenda.


No declarations were received.



Public Question Time - 15 Minutes Maximum

Members of the public are invited to make representations to the Committee regarding its workplan, either in writing at any time or at a meeting under this item. Questions may be asked without notice but to guarantee a full reply at the meeting, a question must be put including the name and address of the questioner by delivery in writing or by email to Democratic Services at, no later than two clear working days before the start of the meeting. The deadline for written questions will be Monday 30 May 2022.


No written public questions were received. The chairman raised an on-going concern of a member of the public regarding compliance by health partners with accessibility standards. It was noted that the Trust was to seek the assistance of the Patients Council in undertaking a review.


Progress Update

The chairman to give an update on:



Progress with outcomes and recommendations arising from previous meetings pdf icon PDF 190 KB


The chairman presented the report which provided an overview of the progress against outcomes and recommendations from previous meetings. It was advised that a briefing would be arranged between the committee and the Policy and Scrutiny Committee for Children’s Services, Education and Skills, and the Director of Public Health, to discuss suicide prevention and mental health services for young people.




THAT the progress report be noted.



Dentistry on the Isle of Wight pdf icon PDF 283 KB

Additional documents:


The committee received a report from NHS England on the provision of dental services on the Isle of Wight, which included an update on procurement activities across the south-east, current standing operating procedures (infection control), routine appointments and urgent access, the role of integrated care boards, national dental reform, and ongoing workstreams.


Questions were raised in relation to the steps being taken to encourage local people to work in the service, support available for smaller dental practices, mainland appointments, backlog solutions, and childrens dental needs. 


It was agreed that the HIOW CCG would provide a progress report to the next meeting in September 2022 (following the take-over of services from NHS England on 31 July 2022) and it was agreed that an informal briefing would be arranged to discuss the matter in depth.




THAT the update be noted, and an item included in the workplan  for the September meeting to monitor progress.



Pharmacies, including the draft Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment currently out for consultation. pdf icon PDF 254 KB

Additional documents:


The committee considered the draft Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment currently out for consultation and concerns were raised regarding the consultation process and the data currently within the draft. The Director of Public Health clarified the process and the role of the Health and Wellbeing Board, and questions were raised regarding the number of responses received to date.


Discussion took place regarding pharmacies and questions were raised regarding what could be done to assist pharmacies to utilise technology and explore ways to engage with their populations to improve health. Questions were raised regarding representation on the ICP Board, the importance of community pharmacies, place planning and local engagement. It was agreed that the Chief Executives of the Council and IW NHS Trust, and the Managing Director of the HIOW CCG, would meet in the first instance to discuss the matter.




THAT the update be noted, and place-planning and locality hubs should be included as an item in the future workplan.


Patient Transport pdf icon PDF 293 KB


The committee received an update on patient transport and the council’s scheme to cover the costs of parking for NHS patients travelling to the mainland for treatment.


Concerns were raised regarding the two car parks chosen for the scheme,  the logistics of applying for a refund, and scheme exclusions (including those receiving NHS treatment at private hospitals to address waiting list backlogs). Discussion took place regarding communications and it was recommended that letters for mainland appointments should include information on public transport. 


It was suggested that a task and finish group should be set up to look into the issue of patient transport.




THAT the update be noted and a task and finish group be established to look at future patient transport requirements.


Public Health Partnership pdf icon PDF 414 KB

The Cabinet, at its meeting on 16 December 2022 deferred consideration of a report on the Public Health Strategic Partnership with Hampshire County Council to enable comments to be made by this committee. The Corporate Plan indicates that it is intended that a full and independent review of the current arrangements would be undertaken with the outcomes being reported to the Cabinet in autumn 2022 for consideration and action. The views of the Committee are requested on the current partnership arrangements and issues that should be covered in the proposed review.

Additional documents:


Consideration was given to the report on the public health strategic partnership with Hampshire County Council, which had been deferred by the Cabinet at its meeting on 16 December 2021 to enable comments to be made by this committee.


The Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Public Health expressed concern around accountability within the existing arrangements and advised that the report would not be presented before Cabinet until an independent review had been undertaken and the service level agreement had been strengthened.


It was advised that a peer review of public health performance (against other similar local authorities with regional Directors of Public Health) was planned for Autumn 2022. The committee expressed support for an LGA review. Discussion took place regarding public health data and it was recommended that a workshop be arranged to consider this in depth.




THAT the committee supports the proposed independent review, preferably through the LGA.


Access to GP-led Services Across the Isle of Wight pdf icon PDF 9 MB

To consider the review undertaken by Healthwatch Isle of Wight.


The Manager of Healthwatch Isle of Wight presented the review undertaken on access to GP-led services across the Isle of Wight. As a result of the review, a series of actions were recommended for all GP practices (and HIOW CCG), relating to patient engagement and triaging, communication, and efficient call handling.


Discussion took place regarding communications, expectation management and modern service modelling. It was confirmed that the recommendations contained within the report would be taken forward, and the committee wished to formally thank Healthwatch Isle of Wight for the report. 




i)               THAT the recommendations contained with the report be endorsed and be recommended to stakeholders.


ii)              THAT GP surgeries be thanked for their work, and examples of good practice be used to improve standards. 


iii)            THAT consideration be given to ensuring that good practice is published aimed at celebrating this and identifying where improvements can be introduced.


Integrated Care Partnership Update

To consider a verbal update from the chair of the ICP Board on the development of the Integrated Care Partnership, and other key elements of the Health and Care Act 2022.


The chair of the ICP Board was invited to provide a verbal update on the development of the Integrated Care Partnership, and other key elements of the Health and Care Act 2022. It was advised that the development of the governance and structural aspects of the ICP had been temporarily paused until September 2022, to enable the implementation of planned works including the community transformation plan.




THAT the update be noted.


Service Changes

To note information related to changes to service delivery that may impact upon service users or their families:



Proposed Elective Hub for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight pdf icon PDF 761 KB


The Strategic Projects Director at Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust provided an update on the proposals for the construction of a new dedicated ‘elective hub’ facility, to allow more operations to take place in order to address the backlog of and reduce waiting times for patients requiring non-urgent surgery.


The committee supported the proposals and welcomed the opportunity to share comments at this stage. Discussion took place in relation to patient transport, funding, and wrap-around support, and it was confirmed that the committee would be updated as the proposals were progressed. The impact upon adult social care should be taken into account.


This was the start of a wider engagement process and the Committee would be kept informed as the proposals were developed more fully.




THAT the proposals be supported.


IW NHS Trust End of Life Care - annual report highlighting the impact of on-going changes in service delivery pdf icon PDF 798 KB


The Director of Governance & Risk presented the end of life care annual report 2021. The service has received regional and national recognition. It was planned to continue to make further improvements involving all service areas and related partners.




THAT the report be noted, and the formal thanks of the Committee for the involved in the delivery of the service be recorded.


Workplan pdf icon PDF 303 KB

To consider any amendments to the current workplan.


Consideration was given to the future workplan, and the committee and health partners were invited to identify any key issues that should be included. In light of recent national news regarding maternity units it was requested that the IW NHS Trust provides an update on maternity services at the next meeting of the committee on 12 September 2022.




THAT the workplan be noted.


Members' Question Time

A question may be asked at the meeting without prior notice but in these circumstances there is no guarantee that a full reply will be given at the meeting. To guarantee a reply, a question  must be submitted in writing or by email to no later than 5pm on Tuesday 31 May 2022.


Cllr Mosdell requested updated figures on the housing register. The Housing Needs Service Manager advised that there were approximately 2,500 individuals on the housing register, a number that had remained static for last few months however the severity of need was seen to increase.