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To confirm as a true record the Record of Decision of the meeting held on 9 September 2021.




That the Minutes of the meeting held on 9 September 2021 be agreed.


Declarations of Interest

To invite Members to declare any interest they might have in the matters on the agenda.


There were no Declarations of Interest.


Public Question Time - Maximum 15 Minutes for Written Questions and 15 Minutes for Oral Questions pdf icon PDF 10 KB

Questions may be asked without notice but to guarantee a full reply at the meeting, a question must be put including the name and address of the questioner by delivery in writing or by electronic mail to Democratic Services at, no later than two clear working days before the start of the meeting. The deadline for written questions will be Wednesday 20 October 2021.

Additional documents:


A written question was received from Mr A Foulkes  (PQ 42-21) regarding Ryde Interchange. The Cabinet Member for Highways PFI, Transport and Infrastructure gave a verbal response, emphasising that the decision was a collective one, and confirmed that a full written reply would be sent.


Oral Questions were received from Mrs C Foulkes regarding Ryde Interchange, including how the council could be confident that the funding would be well spent, when there had been no safety audit. The Cabinet Member provided a verbal response.


Am oral question was received from Mr D White of the IW Taxi Association regarding the Bus Improvement Plan, raising concerns that that taxi trade had not been consulted. The Cabinet Member confirmed that a ‘wish list’ had been provided by Southern Vectis as part of the Improvement Plan and that the taxi trade would be involved in any future consultation on the matter as they were a valued service.


Chairman's Announcements


The Chairman thanked all members for attending and confirmed that they were all trying to stay well in the current circumstances.



Isle of Wight Council Corporate Plan pdf icon PDF 527 KB

Additional documents:


To approve the corporate plan as set out in Appendix 1 and recommend its adoption by Full Council.



The Leader summarised the Plan for the next four years, with the aspirations and aims within each Cabinet member’s portfolio. There were three key areas for action, with 50 aims forming the basis for a new direction for the council. It would be important to translate the aims into positive actions for residents, businesses and the island as a whole.


In response to a question from Cllr Brodie regarding the apparent lack of action to reduce poverty and inequality in the most deprived areas of the island, the Cabinet Member for Children’s Services, Education and Lifelong Skills reported that two actions had already been taken – twelve providers had received funding from the Holiday Activity Fund to provide food and activities for children of the poorest families, and the Household Support Fund, which had been expanded to include those in fuel poverty. The Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Public Health would discuss further with Cllr Brodie regarding the list of suggestions he had provided.


In response to a further query regarding affordable housing, and how it balanced with decisions of the Planning Committee, it was confirmed that Vectis housing would be delivery approximately 400 homes in smaller developments over the next 2-3 years. The Leader confirmed that meetings had also taken place with other housing providers.


It was agreed that the plan would be a living document. Some suggestions were made regarding further detail which could be added before being adopted by Full Council, in particular the reversing of cuts to the Local Council Tax Support Scheme.


Implications of the Health and Social Care Bill (2020-21) for the Council and the future of the Isle of Wight Integrated Care Partnership pdf icon PDF 679 KB


This paper recommends options (a) and (d) and that the council:


Explores the potential for forming a place based joint committee for the delivery of NHS services and Isle of Wight Council Services on the Isle of Wight, on the basis of delegating responsibility for the delivery of Better Care Fund activities to the joint committee in the first instance.




Looks to abolish the Isle of Wight Integrated Care Partnership at the point that a new Local Place Based Partnership is established for the Isle of Wight by the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Integrated Care System.



The Bill was the result of a government Directive and was making its way through Parliament and would enable the council to move towards a new integrated health and care system with collective decisions being made locally, should it wish to proceed along these lines. Once a new Integrated Care System was put in place the existing Integrated Care Partnership would be abolished.


The recommendations of the Policy and Scrutiny Committee for Health and Social Care were acknowledged, in that the Director of Adult Social Care should have a position on the ICS NHS body as well as on the Hampshire and Isle of Wight ICS Partnership.


Better Care Fund Update 2021/22 and 2022-23 pdf icon PDF 712 KB


Option 1 – namely: To note the proposals and provide approval for:

i)                 Key areas for review in 2021-22

ii)               How the BCF allocated funds are intended to be managed by senior staff of both the council and Hampshire, Southampton and Isle of Wight Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to develop and report the BCF scheme and the schemes for 2021/2022 and 2022/23.

iii)              Agree issue of Deed for Variation for 2021-22 and develop a revised Better Care Fund S75 Agreement with revised schemes for 2022-23.



The current BCF had been in place since 2017. An overview and update on the national direction of the current BCF and the development of the BCF for 2022-23 was given. The need for better sharing and management of resources was agreed. A place-based partnership would have implications on allocations of the BCF but these would be discussed with partners to give the community a better voice. Guidance was awaited from the government.


Living Well and Early Help Service pdf icon PDF 559 KB

Additional documents:


Option 1 - Commence formal reshaping and tendering of the Living Well and Early Help Service for Adults with a revised service specification, which reflects the feedback provided by local people and stakeholders, as part of the recent consultation and regular reporting from the current providers. To offer a contract for a three-year initial term, with the option to review and extend for up to a further two years. The three-year contract for the recommissioning of a Living Well and Early Help service would ensure that the service is developed to meet the needs of our Islands residents for the future and to encourage our local voluntary sector partners to bid for the contract opportunity, as there will be greater certainty in terms of funding.



The Living Well and Early Help Service was due to be recommissioned and at the same time reviewed and refreshed in a transparent way, reflecting feedback received from local people and stakeholders, including the Island’s MP. It was intended that the community would become more empowered to help reshape the service, through Town and Parish Councils, and ensure a fair tendering procedure.


Ryde Transport Interchange Consultation Feedback pdf icon PDF 652 KB

Additional documents:


OPTION 1: Cabinet note the contents of the consultation feedback and approves the recommended modifications as detailed under para. 19 in list (a)-(t) in this report, and the resulting Revised Outline Design as shown in Appendix 7 and 8,with the exception that the relocation of the taxi rank and the design of the Rose Garden be explored further with key stakeholders prior to a final design decision being made, and further detailed design of planted areas and the incorporation of public art will be developed through ongoing community engagement.



All other matters required to progress and deliver all elements of the TCF funded Ryde Transport Hub projects be delegated to the Director of Neighbourhoods in accordance with this decision, the requirements of DfT and within available TCF resources.


These decisions are required to enable the design of the whole scheme to be finalised in accordance with these recommendations in so far as practical, legal and financial considerations allow.



The Cabinet were asked to note some minor errors in the report:

Page 121 – Paragraph 6 – the reference to paragraph 19 should read ‘paragraph 20’, and Page 124 – paragraph 20 (c) – the reference to ‘parking bed’ should read ‘planting bed’.


The original scheme brought forward had been changed following feedback received from consultation with the public. The taxi rank was proposed to be moved to near the rose garden and the parking bays to remain outside the esplanade shops. Further detail regarding the planting schemes was ongoing. The safety audit was ongoing and the Director would be authorised to proceed with the project once it was finalised.


In response to queries from members, it was confirmed that toilet provision would remain on the esplanade with the same hours as existing, until permanent facilities were provided in the station sometime between January 2022 and March 2023. Access to the pier walkway would be via the station. Any access would comply with the Disability Discrimination Act.


Other members were in favour of the revised scheme and it was noted that Corporate Scrutiny had been in support of the recommendations.


Bus Service Improvement Plan pdf icon PDF 650 KB

Additional documents:


Option 2: That Cabinet approves the Isle of Wight Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP) as detailed within the report in line with ‘Bus Back Better’, the national bus strategy, in preparation of an Enhanced Partnership with local bus operators.


Option 3: That authority is granted to the Director of Neighbourhoods to make the necessary arrangements to formally submit the BSIP to the Government by the end of October 2021, so that it can be used to inform future funding allocations, and to undertake an annual review and minor updating of the BSIP every 12 months.




The Plan was part of a national government initiative and would lead to an Enhanced Partnership with the local bus company, to improve the bus service provided. Southern Vectis had provided a list of items which they believed would increase the public’s use of buses. No detailed discussions had yet been held but some good suggestions had been made. Confirmation was given that there would be no partnership with Southern Vectis that would be detrimental to taxis or the service they provide. Once the Enhanced Partnership was in place there was £3 billion of funding available for which bids could be submitted.



Floating Bridge 6 Next Steps pdf icon PDF 612 KB

Additional documents:


Cabinet is asked to note the following:


1.     The continuation of the legal mediation process to be concluded by December of this year.


2.     The commissioning of an independent ‘Gateway Review’ to be undertaken by an appropriately qualified technical organisation which is independent of the development and submission of the business cases for the floating bridge project.


Cabinet is asked to approve: -


3.     To provide a further report to Cabinet in early 2022 upon the completion of the Gateway 5 review and the conclusion of the legal mediation process.


Following the conclusion of the Legal mediation and the completion of the Gateway 5 review, this report would make recommendations for further actions in respect of the floating bridge, in terms of the existing FB6 vessel.



The Council’s legal team were undertaking mediation proceedings, which it was hoped would be completed before the end of November. A Gateway 5 review would be carried out and completed during December which would inform a further report to Cabinet in January 2022. Members looked forward to a resolution. The Corporate Scrutiny Committee had not commented due to the ongoing legal proceedings.


Housing Civil Penalties pdf icon PDF 636 KB

Additional documents:


To approve the civil penalties policy and associated financial charging process.



The policy was proposed for the ability to deal with housing offences by way of civil penalty as an effective and proportionate alternative to the court process which was more lengthy and costly.


Options for the Future of Chillerton and Rookley Primary School pdf icon PDF 661 KB

Additional documents:


That Cabinet approve a period of an open six-week public consultation on all the options set-out above during the autumn term 2021.


That the above decision to consult with the public not be subject to call-in.


That a report be brought to Cabinet in spring 2022 setting out the outcomes of the public consultation period, including recommendations on next steps and associated timeframe.



Members noted that the report had been amended to disapply the call-in period, due to the urgency of commencing the consultation following the postponement of the Cabinet meeting, and not delaying the final decision by Cabinet. The report had already been deferred in order to take account of representations received and a list of viable options had been produced along with the advantages and disadvantages of each option. There was a historic covenant relating to the site, rather than the building, and it was believed that it would not prevent the school from being closed, as had been suggested although the legal team were to make further enquiries.


Rough Sleeping Accommodation Grants pdf icon PDF 734 KB

Additional documents:


Cabinet is requested to accept the RSAP Grant Offer and DLUHC grant conditions and approve the associated actions as follows:


a)    Approve the Business Case at Appendix 1 including the capital match-funding requirement of £389,868 using Section 106 capital receipts.


b)    Accept the DLUHC funding offer of £389,868 capital and £82,500 revenue funding for the RSAP Project.


c)     Approve that the Council becomes an investment partner of Homes England and Registered Provider of Housing to draw down DLUHC funding to deliver the RSAP Project.


d)    Delegates actual property purchase decisions to the Director of Regeneration to ensure minimal delays to deliver the 5 units of accommodation by 31 March 2022 to prevent any claw-back of grant.



The Rough Sleepers Accommodation Project was intended to make accommodation available longer term for rough sleepers who had been accommodated during the COVID pandemic, and going forward to make the accommodation available for future rough sleepers on a longer term basis. A bid had been submitted to the government which had been successful in attracting grant funding to help deliver five units of accommodation and support on the Island. Section 106 capital receipts would be used for match-funding.


Cabinet Member Announcements

To invite Cabinet Members to provide a brief update on matters concerning their portfolio.


The Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Business Development and Tourism reported that the D-Bid was progressing with the closing date fast approaching. There were some important meetings with Historic England and Arts Council coming up.


The Cabinet Member for Children’s Services, Education and Lifelong Skills expressed thanks to island secondary schools for the good job they had done in rolling out the COVID vaccine to 12-15 year olds.


The Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Public Health stressed that it was important to maintain the COVID message and to get the vaccine. The Integrated Care Discharge Team had been nominated for an award in the LGA awards being held on 4 November.


The Cabinet Member for Environment, Heritage and Waste Management reported virtually that he was sorry not to be at the meeting in person. Members were reminded that the COP26 summit was taking place shortly. The island was advancing in terms of the environment and climate change. Many things were to be discussed over the next few months, including enhancing the biosphere status of the island and a dark skies policy.


The Cabinet Member for Strategic Finance, Corporate Resources and Transformational Change also reported virtually that he supported comments made regarding levelling up and using island businesses to provide services wherever possible.


The Cabinet Member for Planning and Community Engagement also reported virtually that some frustrations with use of the council’s planning portal had been expressed by residents, particularly with certain devices. A solution was to be found and this would be discussed further with the Cabinet Member whose portfolio included digital transformation.




Consideration of the Forward Plan pdf icon PDF 190 KB

Cabinet Members to identify decisions which need to be amended, added or to be removed from the Forward Plan.


The items currently on the Forward Plan were noted, and two items brought to members’ attention, these being the Holiday Activity and Food Programme which would provide for children in the Christmas school holidays, and the Island Skills Plan which would highlight the needs of the local economy.


Members' Question Time pdf icon PDF 22 KB

To guarantee a reply to a question, a question  must be submitted in writing or by electronic mail to no later than 4pm on Thursday 21 October 2021. A question may be asked at the meeting without prior notice but in these circumstances there is no guarantee that a full reply will be given at the meeting.


Additional documents:


A written question was submitted by Cllr Brodie (MQ 14/21) in relation to proposed traffic works at Coppins Bridge either side of Christmas and the lack of earlier notice to local Councillors. The Cabinet Member for Highways PFI, Transport and Infrastructure provided a full response. Cllr Brodie requested that more notice be provided to Newport and Carisbrooke Community Council for any future schemes, and he hoped that any further disruption would be delayed until after the New Year.