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Motions Submitted under PART 4A, Procedure Rule 9 of the Council's Constitution


By Councillor Paul Brading

Full Council notes that:


1.              The Cabinet decided on 15th July 2021 to reverse a previous in principle, and communicated decision, which had already approved the calendar for School Term Dates for the academic year 2022-23, with new dates which included a reversion to a one-week October half-term.


2.               This decision was taken following conversations with some headteachers, but not with any parents or students or directly with any other school staff.


Full Council recognises that:


3.               Whilst there are different views as to the merits of this change, the two week October half term was brought in following an extensive consultation. Whilst it still remains possible to now reverse the July decision for the 2022-23 academic year, as schools and families will already have started to plan based on this calendar of School Term Dates, it would be more prudent to leave it as is for this year.


4.               It is, however, regrettable that there was not wider consultation, to include parents and students ahead of this decision – particularly the scrapping of the two-week October half-term.


5.               Many families will have recently enjoyed the many benefits offered by the two-week October half-term, which they will now not be able to do next year.


6.               There is merit in looking again at the structure of School Term Dates for subsequent academic years (2023-24 onwards), and an opportunity should be provided for parents, students and other school staff (as well as headteachers) to offer their views directly to the Council, ahead of a decision.


FullCouncil therefore requests that:


7.               The relevant Cabinet Member will bring a paper to Cabinet early in 2022 setting out how the Council intends to undertake a meaningful consultation with relevant stakeholders on future School Term Dates (2023-24 onwards).


8.               Any such consultation should ensure that stakeholders are given a genuine choice between different options, including one which includes a reversion to a two-week October half term. Views should be sought as to the pros and cons of the different options, looking at both education and other reasons such as wellbeing and quality of life.


9.               The feedback received from this consultation is taken into account ahead of any Cabinet decision to approve a calendar for School Term Dates for the academic year 2023-24




By Councillor Chris Quirk

That Full Council requests that Cabinet carry out a full consultation with tourism related businesses and residents in the whole Bay area concerning the future of Dinosaur Isle Museum and the surrounding area before making any final decisions on future development of the Museum and the larger associated site.



By Councillor Daryll Pitcher

The letting off of fireworks is an issue that can prove divisive. On one side there are a great many people, particularly children, who enjoy firework displays. The Isle of Wight itself is the home to one such internationally known display held at the end of Cowes Week. On the other side unregulated “back garden” displays cause much distress to homeowners and in particular their pets plus other livestock and animals in the vicinity. 


It would not by the aim of this Motion to ban outright back garden displays. Instead by making the letting off of fireworks a Licensable Activity it would be possible to ensure that adequate warning be given to local people before the event, allowing people to mitigate the effects and for potential concerns to be raised. Such licensing would ensure that adequate publicity is circulated and that other authorities such as the Fire Brigade are alerted. The added scrutiny of a system of licensing would also act to enhance safety awareness.


None of this is currently possible however as the UK Government currently controls all these rules from the centre.  With this in mind:


This Council notes:

1.    The distress and suffering caused to animals and their owners by the act of random and unexpected letting off of fireworks.

2.    That organized firework displays are often safer than ad-hoc events.

3.    That many people enjoy watching fireworks.

4.    That a sensible balanced local approach to this issue would allow both the enjoyment of fireworks by watchers and the security of knowing when displays would happen for local residents and pet and other animal owners.

5.    That currently the Isle of Wight Council licenses the sale of fireworks but does not have the power to control their use.

6.    That the UK Government frequently speak about decentralizing powers to local communities.


This Council requests the UK Government:

1.    Makes the letting off of fireworks a Licensable Activity overseen by Local Authorities.

a.    Ensures a national umbrella of regulation setting basic limits and ensuring the continued permittance of organized firework displays.

b.    Allows Local Authorities the freedom to vary all other constraints.



Member Question Time (30 minutes)

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