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Motions Submitted under Part 4A, Procedure Rule 9 of the Council's Constitution


By Councillor Karl Love

Our Council calls on the Government to make good the promise of the Prime Minister, made on the 24 July 2019 who stated to “fix the crisis in social care once and for all with clear plans we are preparing to give every older person the dignity and security they deserve”. 


Specifically, our Council calls on the Government to publish its plan for the future reform and funding of adult social care as a matter of national priority and urgency. For too long, adult social care funding has been bowing in the wind without any clear political steer and without any national plans for it’s future or adequate funding strategy. This has resulted in increasing levels of unmet needs across our island communities and councils across the UK are having to make the most invidious of savings decisions in order to meet its legal duty to deliver a balanced budget.


The pandemic has underlined the fact that adult social care is at the very forefront of supporting our most vulnerable people to help them stay safe. If the Government does not publish its plan, and clarify the future funding of adult social care, it is betraying our vulnerable citizens as well as the people working in social care.  We have asked so very much over the past 15 months from our carers other Key workers and volunteers.  We must receive proper guidance and funding as was described by our prime minister.  Without reform and additional funding we will have to face additional cuts to services which are already stretched to their limits.


By Councillor Gary Peace

On 18th November 2020, Council asked the then Cabinet to explore the cost and feasibility of acquiring mobile average speed cameras for future use on the Island. On 24th February 2021, Council approved a budget for 2021/22, which included an allocation of £300,000 for purchasing these cameras.


Given that this capital allocation is for the current financial year, Council agrees that the purchase of these mobile average speed cameras should proceed without delay, so that they can be deployed as soon as possible for the benefit of communities around the Island.




By Councillor Martin Oliver

Council notes that:


1)       Her Majesty the Queen has agreed for a competition to be held to grant       the prestigious civic honour of ‘city status’ to a select number of towns   in the United Kingdom, to mark her Platinum Jubilee.


2)       Local authorities can enter this competition, showcasing their civic pride,       interesting heritage and record of innovation, in order to make the case     for awarding a town one of these honours.


3)       It is widely recognised that the prestige associated with becoming a city       can support efforts to boost prosperity and attract visitors.


4)       The Isle of Wight is one of a minority of English counties without a city;          whereas neighbouring Hampshire has three.


Council therefore agrees that:


1)       The Council prepares a draft bid to nominate the Island’s County Town           for city status.


2)       It will seek the support of Newport & Carisbrooke Community Council as       a partner in this bid, along with local businesses, organisations and the          public, particularly in Newport.


3)       The proposed submission is tabled as an agenda item for the Council   meeting on 17th November 2021, for approval, ahead of submission to      the Cabinet Office by the deadline of 8th December 2021.


By Councillor Suzie Ellis

Council notes that in July 2019, cross-party support was secured for a resolution through which the Council declared and acknowledged a ‘Climate Emergency’ and agreed that the Island should seek to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2030. In January 2021, the Policy and Scrutiny Committee for Neighbourhood & Regeneration considered the draft Climate and Environment Strategy 2021-2030, and recommended it for approval by the Cabinet and subsequent endorsement by Council. The Strategy was originally due to be considered by Cabinet on 10th June 2021.


2)       Council welcomes the statement by the new Alliance administration last month (June) that all decisions “must have regard to support of the Council’s Climate Change Strategy”; and supports this objective.


3)       Having regard for (2) above, Council urges the new administration to bring the Climate and Environment Strategy to Cabinet and Council at the earliest opportunity, and in particular asks for the following to be considered as the updated version is finalised:


a.       The need for new developments to demonstrate a 10% increase in biodiversity on or near development sites (as set out in the Government’s Environment Bill);


b.       Linked to the above, the Council commits to preparing a Sustainability Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) as part of its forthcoming Island Planning Strategy, to set out the policy requirements with regard to net zero and biodiversity;


c.        The Council agrees to work with the Island’s MP to secure greater formal designations and protections for the Island’s countryside and coastline;


d.       The development of a green procurement policy (having regard for updated government guidance), to minimise the carbon impact of goods and services purchased for the Island.



Member Question Time of the Leader (30 minutes)

To receive a reply to a question asked during questions to the Leader, a question must be submitted in writing or by electronic mail to Democratic Services no later than 5pm on Thursday, 15 July 2021. A question may be asked at the meeting without prior notice but in these circumstances there is no guarantee that a full reply will be given at the meeting.