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Minutes pdf icon PDF 221 KB


Governance Advisory Contract pdf icon PDF 288 KB

Additional documents:


Declarations of Interest

To invite Members to declare any interest they might have in the matters on the agenda.


Minutes of Pension Fund Committee meetings

To receive a copy of the pension fund committee meeting minutes published since the last board meeting, and note decisions made therein:


28 April 2021 pdf icon PDF 212 KB


2 June 2021 (draft) pdf icon PDF 211 KB


Board Operation pdf icon PDF 343 KB

To consider the governance arrangements of the Board (including composition of Board minutes, availability of documentation, and Terms of Reference), and to consider the process by which board members’ concerns should be escalated.


Governance Updates pdf icon PDF 170 KB

To receive a verbal update on the progress with the recruitment of a governance compliance officer for the pension fund.


To review and agree the role profiles for an independent chair and board members, and to confirm the process for recruitment and selection of an independent chair and additional board members.

Additional documents:


Pension Board Annual Report pdf icon PDF 185 KB

To receive and adopt the pension board’s annual report for the year ended 31 March 2021, and to agree the format of its presentation to the Pension Fund Committee at its meeting on 28 July 2021.


Investment Strategy Statement (ISS)

To consider the process by which the ISS was updated, to consider the process by which the fund’s investment objectives (including those for ESG/RI) are reviewed and updated, and to consider the ESG//RI workshop held on 29 June 2021.


Draft Financial Results pdf icon PDF 179 KB

To consider the draft financial results for the year ended 31 March 2021, including a breakdown of expenditure.


LGA and Legislation Update pdf icon PDF 452 KB

To note the most recent developments in the LGPS.

Additional documents:


Report from the Pensions Administration Team pdf icon PDF 424 KB

To consider a report on administration statistics and employer compliance with end of month reporting and payment deadlines for the year 2020-21 to date, and to be advised on any complaints recorded and potential breaches of the law identified since the last meeting.

Additional documents:


Workplan pdf icon PDF 665 KB

To discuss the work programme for forthcoming meetings of the Isle of Wight Pension Fund Committee and Pension Board, and to consider the timing of pension board meetings, given the change to the number of pension fund committee meetings to be held.


Items circulated for Members Attention

To note items circulated to board members since the last meeting, for information:


a)    Sent 17-Mar-21: Hymans Robertson webinar invite: keeping the LGPS connected - 23 March 21.

b)    Sent 20-Mar-21: Hymans Robertson - TPR single code of practice consultation.

c)    Sent 23-Mar-21: LGPC Bulletin 207 – Annual update.

d)    Sent 22-Mar-21: invitations to Hymans Robertson webinars.

e)    Sent 24-Mar-21: Hymans Robertson webinar invite: keeping the LGPS connected - 1 April 2021.

f)      Sent 06-Apr-21: AON webinar recording: TPR's new Code and the LGPS.

g)    Sent 06-Apr-21: Hymans Robertson webinar recording: TPR’s new Code.

h)    Sent 08-Apr-21: Hymans Robertson Your April issue of The Edit.

i)      Sent 13-Apr-21: Hymans Robertson webinar invite: keeping the LGPS connected - 20 April 2021.

j)      Sent 22-Apr-21: research on other funds’ independent board chairs.

k)    Sent 11-May-21: Hymans Robertson Your May issue of The Edit.

l)      Sent 19-May-21: Barnett Waddingham and CIPFA LGPS Local Pension Board Annual Event invitation 23 June 2021.

m)  Sent 07-Jun-21: LGA Fundamentals training programme 2021 and Annual Governance Conference 2023 invitation.

n)    Sent 16-Jun-21: Pension Fund development session - Asset classes and ESG/RI 29 June 2021 reminder.

o)    Sent 16-Jun-21: invitation Climate Considerations in Credit from Goldman Sachs Asset Management 30 June 2021.

p)    Sent 18-Jun-21: What the PLSA does for Committee / Board members.

q)    Sent 18-Jun-21: Hymans Robertson Your June issue of The Edit.

r)     Sent 23-Jun-21: Hymans Robertson Webinar invitation: Getting ready for TCFD 8 July 2021.

s)    Sent 28-Jun-21: Aon Webinar on Climate Change invitation 12 July 2021.

t)      Sent 29-Jun-21: Paper for 21 July meeting - board membership.



Other matters for the Board’s attention

Members to raise any other matters.