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To confirm as a true record the Record of Decision of the meeting held on 14 January 2021.


Declarations of Interest

To invite Members to declare any interest they might have in the matters on the agenda.


Public Question Time - Maximum 15 Minutes

Questions must be put including the name and address of the questioner by delivery in writing or by electronic mail to Democratic Services at, no later than two clear working days before the start of the meeting. Therefore the deadline for written questions will be 8 February 2021.



Chairman's Announcements


The Chairman was pleased to announce that as a result of a submission by the council and the local MP for an Island Deal, the island would receive £50,000 from the government. The money would be used for a study into the Island’s unique circumstances, and was the first time the Chairman was aware of such recognition.


Progress on Housing Strategy Action Plan pdf icon PDF 487 KB

Additional documents:


To note the update report and progress made as at Appendix 1.


It was reported that of the 48 actions listed in the housing strategy action plan for year 1, 40 had been achieved since October 2020, seven had not yet been fully achieved and one not achieved in the projected timescale, however they were on track to be completed by the due date in November 2021.


Highlights of the report included that 100 affordable homes had been built in the last year, and it was hoped to deliver another 300 within the next two years.


Enforcement action was being pursued against private landlords where necessary, and the council was hoping to bring empty homes back into use.


Funding had been obtained for a better long-term homeless facility at Barton which was COVID safe.


The first purpose built extra-care housing scheme had been built at Ryde Village, new homes built at Shalfleet, work had commenced at the Branstone Farm site. This innovative approach to housing would help young people get a foot on the property ladder.


Government had been lobbied regarding the affordability gap for rented housing on the island. The island’s case had been accepted and more funding would go to Housing Associations on the island. There was still a lot of work to be done. The council’s vision was for everyone to have a place to call home.


Motion referred from Full Council pdf icon PDF 369 KB


Option B - To inform the mover of the council motion that the issues raised in the motion, insofar as they are relevant to the functions of the council, are taken into account in the preparation of the appropriate council strategies, particularly the Climate and Environment Strategy and the Island Planning Strategy.


Cllr Lilley had raised the motion at Full Council which had been referred to Cabinet. Members noted that the issue would be discussed further when drafting the council’s Planning Strategy.


Public Health Report - Changing the Blame Game: Creating Healthy Weight Environments for All pdf icon PDF 273 KB

Additional documents:


To note the report of the Director of Public Health and its subsequent publication on the Council’s webpages.





The Director of Public Health gave an overview of his report, which made a number of recommendations to tackle obesity and promote healthy weight, which included environmental factors such as encouraging more walking and cycling and broadening the ‘Sugar Smart’ programme and the roll out of the Peach programme in schools to improve health, continuing to work collaboratively with the 0-19 school nursing service, and to maintain strong partnerships with other agencies to improve the health of the population.





Parking Delivery Plan pdf icon PDF 400 KB

Additional documents:


Option 1 – To adopt the draft Parking Delivery Plan, attached at Appendix 4, taking note of the consultation, and produce/publish the final plan.


Thanks was expressed to officers and to WYG Engineering for their work in producing the extensive plan. In implementing the plan it would be important to balance the revenue potential against the economic impact of parking policies. It would need to support the Regeneration Strategy, the Local Transport Plan and Draft Planning Strategy. It was noted that since the council had previously undertaken the exercise there were an additional 10,000 cars on the Island, equating to 1.3 per household. The intention was not to create more car parks but to reduce car usage. During the pandemic the increase in the amount of people working from home had reduced the need to use a car. The document was flexible and would be adapted as situations developed going forward.


Quarterly Performance Report - Quarter 3 pdf icon PDF 716 KB

Additional documents:


That Cabinet approves the Performance and Finance Report – Quarter ended 31 December 2020 and the priority report detail, together with the council’s financial position as set out in the Appendices


The report was a snapshot of the council’s activities from September to December 2020. There had been many changes in activity since December. The Strategic Risk Register was highlighted and it was noted that the risk rating given to ‘the lack of financial resource and inability to deliver the council’s in year budget strategy’ had been reduced.


The contact centre had an average call answering time of 51 seconds, which was within the target of 60 seconds.


£1 million had been allocated to the highways budget for improvements, which would help towards tackling some of the priorities on the list of concerns raised by residents.


It was noted that £1.7 million of saving against budget was from Treasury Management and the team were recognised for their work in achieving this.


Budget and Council Tax Setting 2021-2022 and Future Years Forecasts pdf icon PDF 823 KB

Additional documents:



It is recommended that the Cabinet endorse the following:


(a)    The recommendations to the Council set out below.


It is recommended that the Council approve the following:


(a)    The revised Revenue Budget for the financial year 2020/21 and the Revenue Budget for the financial year 2021/22 as set out in the General Fund Summary (Appendix 1) which includes:

(i)         The establishment of a COVID-19 Fund estimated at £14.2m

(ii)        A Revenue Contribution to Capital of £2.0m

(iii)       A contribution to the Transformation Reserve of £1.0m.

(b)    Any variation arising from the Local Government Finance Settlement 2021/22 or any further savings made in 2020/21 arising at the year-end (after allowing for specific carry forward requests) be transferred to the COVID-19 Fund, Transformation Reserve, Revenue Reserve for Capital and General Reserves with the level of each transfer to be determined by the S.151 Officer.

(c)    That the level of Council Tax be increased by 1.99% for general purposes in accordance with the referendum threshold[1] for 2021/22 announced by Government (as calculated in Appendix 2)

(d)    That the level of Council Tax be increased by a further 3.0% beyond the referendum threshold (as calculated in Appendix 2) to take advantage of the flexibility offered by Government to implement a "Social Care Precept"; and that in accordance with the conditions of that flexibility, the full amount of the associated sum generated of £2,558,500 is passported direct to Adult Social Care

(e)    That the amounts set out in Appendix 2 be now calculated by the Council for the financial year 2021/22 in accordance with Section 31 and Sections 34 to 36 of the Local Government Finance Act 1992

(f)     The S.151 Officer be given delegated authority to implement any variation to the overall level of Council Tax arising from the final notification of the Hampshire Police & Crime Commissioner, Hampshire & Isle of Wight Fire & Rescue Authority and Parish and Town Council precepts, and amend the calculations set out in Appendix 2 accordingly

(g)    The savings proposals for each Portfolio amounting, in total, to £3.5m for 2021/22 and continuing into future years as set out on the next page:


Controllable Budget

Savings Proposal




Adult Social Care, Public Health & Housing Needs*




Children's Services, Education & Skills




Community Safety & Digital Transformation




Environment, Heritage & Waste Management




Infrastructure & Transport**




Leader & Strategic Partnerships




Planning & Housing Renewal




Regeneration & Business Development








Grand Total





*Excludes the additional funding passported through to Adult Social Care of £4.4m (which if included would result in an overall increase of 5.4%) and the additional funding for Children's Services, Education & Skills of £1.6m (which if included would result in an overall increase of 4.4%)


** Excludes £19.4m of PFI grant funding, on a Gross expenditure basis the savings amounts to 0.3%


(h)    Directors be instructed to start planning how the Council will achieve the savings  ...  view the full decision text for item 42.


Members had been heavily involved for some time in producing the budget which this year had three components instead of the usual two, with the addition of the COVID budgets making it a more difficult task. Government support of £139 million had been received for grants and tax reliefs for businesses and individuals. Finance staff and other redeployed staff had processed the grants very swiftly.


The budget shortfall had started at £19 million, reduced to £10 million with government support and the forecast was now to be in balance by the end of the financial year. It was possible there may even be £1 million in hand.


Reserves had been useful over the past year in coping with the pandemic.

£14.2 million had been put aside over the next three years for increased costs due to COVID, most of which would probably be used in the first year.


The budget would be fully discussed at Full Council.


Cabinet Member Announcements

To invite Cabinet Members to provide a brief update on matters concerning their portfolio.


The Cabinet Member for Community Safety and Digital Transformation reported some facts and figures to enable the council to deliver essential services. There had been 446 deliveries of additional ICT equipment to staff homes to enable home working. In the 90 days prior to 23 March 2020 there had been 800 Teams meetings and in the last 90 days there had been 22819 Teams meetings, 487 of which had been with external parties, which showed a large increase in home working.


There had been good foresight and planning to ensure that essential services were continuing to be delivered.


The website project was continuing although it had been delayed due to COVID. A Beta testing site would follow as resources allowed.


A cyber security risk review had been undertaken of the council’s ICT systems. Work was ongoing to enhance the council’s security in line with industry best practice.


The Gigabit Island project led by Wightfibre was continuing, although it had been slowed down by COVID. It was still on schedule to make all parts of the Island connected by gigabit speeds by 2023, which would make the island one of the world’s most connected, with highest internet speeds available.


It was planned that this year’s Cowes Week would be part of a £28 million government fund to trial innovative uses of 5G.


With regards to Community Safety, the Violent Crime Reduction Unit was continuing to work. Funding was expected from the Home Office for 2021/22 budgets for reducing violent crime and domestic abuse. Funding had also been received for an independent review to take place of domestic abuse functions on the island along with government commissioning and accommodation.


Environmental Health had been focusing on response and recovery, prioritising the retail and accommodation sectors which had involved joint working with the police on investigation and enforcement. The team had dealt with 1500 complaints since the start of the pandemic. Business webinars dealing with various aspects of COVID which had been successful in the first lockdown would recommence on 24 February. There had been some proactive work with fishing vessels following Brexit.


Licensing had been focusing on animal establishment licensing and taxis to ensure they could operate in a COVID safe way. Further guidance around large sale event was awaited from government.


Trading Standards had been made aware of several scams circulating, some of which were COVID related, and were providing advice to residents.


The Crematorium and Bereavement staff were continuing to operate a vital service, working in bubbles to ensure resilience. Front line staff in this area were to receive vaccinations.


The Cabinet Member for Infrastructure and Transport reported that following the success of St Mary’s junction, the Newport Traffic Plan was moving to Phase 2 – the reconfiguration of St George’s Way, to improve traffic flow to and from Coppins Bridge. This was planned to be undertaken from the summer to early autumn.


A feasibility study had been started to extend the railway from Ryde to Newport and from Shanklin to  ...  view the full minutes text for item 43.


Consideration of the Forward Plan pdf icon PDF 255 KB

Cabinet Members to identify decisions which need to be amended, added or to be removed from the Forward Plan.


Members noted that there were at least seven items on the Forward Plan for the next meeting of Cabinet of 11 March 2021.


Members' Question Time pdf icon PDF 22 KB

A question must be submitted in writing or by electronic mail to Democratic Services no later than Monday 8 Feburary 2021.

Additional documents:


A question was received from Cllr Karl Love (MQ 01-21) regarding the Floating Bridge. The Leader provided a response.