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Venue: Council Chamber, County Hall, Newport

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To confirm as a true record the Minutes of the meeting held on 17 March 2021.




THAT the minutes of the meeting held on 17 March 2021 be confirmed.


Declarations of Interest

To invite Members to declare any interest they might have in the matters on the agenda.


Councillor Julie Jones-Evans declared an interest as she was the Local Councillor for part of Newport Harbour.


Public Question Time - 15 Minutes Maximum

Questions may be asked without notice but to guarantee a full reply at the meeting, a question must be put including the name and address of the questioner by delivery in writing or by electronic mail to Democratic Services at, no later than two clear working days before the start of the meeting. Therefore the deadline for written questions will be Friday, 25 June 2021.



No public questions were received.


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To receive the finance reports for Newport and Ventnor harbours.

Additional documents:


The Assistant Director for Neighbourhoods advised the Committee that this was a standard item on the agenda, There was an underspend forecast for the financial year, Covid-19 had impacted on visitor numbers, there was an increase in leasing income on the harbour above the budget which was mainly as a result of the new Harbour Revision Order, and further work on leasing would continue to improve the income. Ventnor Harbour had forecast an overspend due to the increase in the contract for removal of seaweed which was an ongoing issue.


The Committee asked if there was a better way of pumping the seaweed from Ventnor harbour, they were advised that there was a contract in place with a company who had the machinery to provide this. They also asked if the removal of seaweed could be capitalised on by selling it for food or cosmetics, compost or drying out and sent to the waste management plant. The Local Authority were in partnership with the Town Council, an EU project was in place to look at alternative ways to use the seaweed, which could extend to all beaches across the Island.


It was noted that the contract regarding the removal of seaweed ended on 31 March 2022 and negotiations would commence shortly to ensure a new contract was in place.




THAT the finance reports be noted.




Report of the Senior Harbour Master


Get Well Plan pdf icon PDF 131 KB


The Senior Harbour Master advised the Committee that the Get Well Plan had been drawn up to bring Newport Harbour safe, the plan was provided to the committee to keep them updated on the progress made and any issues that may have occurred.





THAT the get well plan be noted.


Senior Harbour Master Report pdf icon PDF 257 KB


The Senior Harbour Master advised that the harbour had been re-opened although facilities had remained closed due to current restrictions, furloughed staff had been brought back on reduced hours undertaking maintenance tasks that had not been carried out due to the closure. The vaccination centre had increased footfall in the area.


The Committee were advised that the free parking offered to people using the vaccination centre was being reimbursed by the NHS on a monthly basis.


Councillors advised that they had been contacted by a local resident who wanted confirmation that the repairs to the harbour walls had been given the correct permission as some of them were in Conservation Area, Officers advised that they had seen sight of the concerns and would respond in writing to the resident.


The Committee questioned the oil spill and were advised that the Senior Harbour Master had walked the length of the harbour site and it was found in a localised area. Councillors asked if there was a check on the water quality in the harbour and advised that Southern Water and the Environment Agency provided data regarding beaches and the harbours could be included in that data.




THAT the Senior Harbour Master report be noted


THAT enquiries would be made to include the Harbours on the data from Southern Water and Environment Agency.


PMSC Audit pdf icon PDF 908 KB

To receive the PMSC audit for Ventnor Harbour.


The Strategic Manager for Commercial Services advised that Ventnor Harbour was a statutory harbour and had a harbour revision order in place. Following an audit in May 2021 a draft get well plan had been drafted, this would be updated and reported to the Committee at each meeting.


The Committee questioned the earlier finance report and asked if they were responsible for signing off the accounts, there was no mention of carbon neutrality in the report and a review of all Isle of Wight Council assets had been commenced and would a list of harbour assets be circulated. It was explained that the annual reports (which included finance) were brought to the Committee for sign off, carbon status was not currently a requirement of the PMSC, however it would be discussed with Marico. A list of harbour assets would be circulated to the Committee.




THAT the PMSC Audit be noted


THAT a list of Harbour assets would be circulated to the Committee


Members' Question Time

To guarantee a reply to a question, a question  must be submitted in writing or by electronic mail to no later than 2.00pm on Monday, 28 June 2021. A question may be asked at the meeting without prior notice but in these circumstances there is no guarantee that a full reply will be given at the meeting.


Councillor Chris Quirk advised that there was due to be a change of membership on the Committee to include local councillors for harbours on the Committee.


Councillor Julie Jones-Evans asked if a tour of the harbour estate could be arranged to help visualise the area when discussing it, the Chairman believed it would be a good idea.


Councillor Chris Jarman asked if there were any plans to provide safety buoys at the harbours as had been completed in some areas such as Totland bay, it was explained that a navigational risk assessment had been undertaken and the requirement of buoys had not been flagged, however, this is subject to regular review and if it became a requirement then this would be looked at.


Councillor Chris Jarman asked if there were documents showing the ownership of adjoining land with the harbour to identify responsibility, officers advised that this information could be obtained from the original leases.