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Minutes pdf icon PDF 107 KB

To confirm as a true record the Minutes of the meeting held on 30 September 2020.




THAT the minutes of the meeting held on 30 September 2020 be confirmed.


Declarations of Interest

To invite Members to declare any interest they might have in the matters on the agenda.


Councillor Julie Jones-Evans declared and interest as she was Local Member for part of Newport Harbour.


Public Question Time - 15 Minutes Maximum

Questions must be delivered in writing, or by electronic mail, to Democratic Services at no later than 2 pm on 14 December 2020. Each question must give the name and address of the questioner.


No public questions were received.


Finance Reports pdf icon PDF 147 KB

To receive the finance reports for Newport, Ryde and Ventnor Harbours.

Additional documents:


The Assistant Director for Neighbourhoods advised the Committee that the impact of Covid-19 had reduced visitor numbers to both Newport and Ryde harbours, which had impacted on the income to both harbours. Legal fees for the Harbour Revision Order had impacted on the overspend for Newport Harbour. Due to the contract for seaweed removal an overspend was shown at Ventnor Harbour, this was being investigated.


It was explained that the current forecast was unlikely to change as the harbours received lower visitor numbers during the winter months.


It was noted that officers would arrange regular updates with the Local Member for Ventnor, to keep him updated on Ventnor Harbour.




THAT the finances be noted.


Report of Senior Harbour Master


Get Well Plan pdf icon PDF 135 KB


The Senior Harbour Master advised that things remained unchanged, emergency preparedness has progressed and a contract was in place. Work was being undertaken to update the navigational risk assessments from the previous year.




THAT the Get Well Plan be noted.


Senior Harbour Master Report pdf icon PDF 233 KB


The Senior Harbour Master advised that the missing figure in the report for November visitor numbers was 60. A turndown of visitor numbers were expected due to the time of year. Staffing on either side of tide had been increased from two hours to three hours.


An audit had been carried out by the designated person, and an inspection by Trinity House for navigation lights and markers had been completed. A boat at the Folly had caused some problems, this had now been resolved and the boat moved.


The committee raised a number of questions regarding the following points:

·       Injured member of staff

·       Fly tipping

·       Graffitti


The Senior Harbour Master provided an explanation and the outcomes from these situations. He also explained that routine inspections by staff were undertaken and any problems actioned, annual inspections by Wight fire were undertaken.


The Committee were advised that Whitegates pier was in Cowes Harbour Commission jurisdiction although the Isle of Wight Council hold a lease hold, there is a public landing at the end, and the IWC was working with Cowes Harbour Commission to remove problem boats.


The section of fencing at the Premier Inn had been moved and talks were continuing to get it replaced.





THAT the Senior Harbour Master report be noted.


Harbour Revision Order

To receive an oral update from the Assistant Director of Neighbourhoods.


The Assistant Director for Neighbourhoods advised the Committee that correspondence had been received and the paperwork was with the Department for Transport, a decision was expected in early 2021.




THAT the update be noted.


Port Marine Safety Code Audit pdf icon PDF 649 KB

To receive the Newport Harbour Port Marine Safety Code Audit.


David Foster, the Designated Person (DP) for Newport Harbour advised the Committee that he had been appointed for Newport Harbour only. Ryde and Ventnor harbours did not currently comply with the Port Marine Safety Code.

He explained the observations and recommendations contained in his report these included:

·       Staffing issues

·       Pollution and Harbour Emergency plans

·       Newport Harbour user group

·       Navigation Risk Assessment

Officers advised that a staff restructure was being considered, the Newport harbour user group had been cancelled, however, an update had been provided to all members of the user group to keep them informed. The Navigation Risk Assessment had been postponed from November 2020 due to staff resources in the Emergency planning department who carried out the assessment, this was due to be rescheduled.

The Committee were advised that if the Harbour Revision Order was in place then general directions could be put in place which would set risk control measures, to reduce the effect of hazards as a control measure. The general directions would be required to go out to public consultation.



THAT the Port Marine Safety Code Audit be noted.


Port Marine Safety Code pdf icon PDF 344 KB

To receive the Compliance Statement for Maritime Coastgurad Agency.


The chairman advised that a letter had been drafted to the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, stating the position of Newport, Ryde and Ventnor harbours.




THAT the Statement of Compliance be noted.


Newport Harbour Masterplan

To receive a verbal update from the Director of Regeneration.


The Committee were informed that the Director for Regeneration was unfortunately unable to attend the meeting.




THAT the item be deferred to the next meeting or another date and time as convenient to provide an update.


Members' Question Time

A question must be submitted in writing or by electronic mail to Democratic Services no later than 2 pm on 14 December 2020.


Councillor Julie Jones-Evans asked if the highway between the wall and the Bargemans rest, and how this can be best utilised for the area. Officers advised that a risk assessment had been undertaken on the berths that side of the river and it was deemed to be unsafe for people to step out onto the highway. Island Roads intended to resurface this part of the highway however remedial works needed to be undertaken by the Isle of Wight Council,  which there is no current funding for.